Nexus Water Group

Nexus Water Group is a leading regulated water and wastewater utility serving more than 1.3 million people across 20 U.S. states and 2 Canadian provinces.

“Nexus” means connection. Through the essential water and wastewater services we deliver, we have a very personal connection to the people, businesses, and communities we serve. This is why our operations are locally led and managed. Every day, over 1,300 professionals deliver vital, safe, and reliable service through over 670 water systems and 360 wastewater systems.

We take pride in our role as stewards of one of our most precious resources – from its point of origin through treatment, distribution, collection, and disposal or recycling. Through infrastructure investment and operational excellence, Nexus Water Group safeguards natural resources for today and future generations.

Water and wastewater is our only business, and most of our customers enjoy one-supplier water and wastewater services.

We provide essential utility services to over 1.3 million customers in 20 U.S. states and 2 Canadian provinces.

Our roots and experience in the utility industry go back over 130 years, and we’ve been growing ever since.

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