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Nexus Water Group companies provide safe, reliable, and cost-effective water and wastewater utility solutions to over 800 Communities across the US and Canada. We deliver these essential services in 20 states and 2 provinces, serving over 1.3 Million customers.

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At Nexus Water Group, we have the resources, expertise, and experience to help you navigate the complexities of utility system ownership and operation. Discover why communities such as yours have partnered with one of the fastest-growing water and wastewater companies in the country. Contact our Corporate Development Team today.


Are you falling behind with infrastructure investments, regulatory compliance, and maintenance?

We specialize in transitioning small and medium-sized utility systems from public to private ownership, with many examples in our portfolio.

Property Developers

Are you tired of the hassles and cost associated with utility infrastructure connection for your development projects?

New construction is one of our specialties, and our dedicated team of national and local experts can help you at every step.

Private Utilities

We have extensive experience meeting the unique needs of stand-alone private utility systems for resorts, academic campuses, and military installations.

No matter the size, we have the know-how to meet your priorities and ensure success.

Why Choose Nexus Water Group?

We’re Local

As our name suggests, Nexus Water Group is a family of companies. We provide localized services through state and provincial operations, but leverage shared economies and efficiencies. Choosing Nexus Water Group brings the full breadth of our North American resources, expertise, and on-the-ground know-how to your local utility.

Our People Are Everything

We take great pride in our greatest strength – our people. Our North American team numbers over 1,300 professionals working in all areas of utility infrastructure management. And we’re proud to have one of the largest private workforces of qualified water and wastewater systems operators and technicians.

Our lean and agile management, coupled with locally focused operations, lets us take advantage of human resources and efficiencies simply unavailable to smaller utilities. Even our smallest systems have the support of industry leading professionals in areas such as finance, regulation, technology, engineering, safety, and environment.

Investing in our people never stops, and we ensure all our teams are continually trained in the latest operational, safety, and environmental standards and protocols.

Water and Wastewater Utilities is Our Only Business

Water and wastewater are the core of our business. We offer these services separately or combined, but combined services can produce significant operational efficiencies and economies of scale. Most of our customers enjoy one-supplier water and wastewater services.

We Invest for the Long-Term

A reliable, stable source of financing and capital is key to building new utility infrastructure, implementing major system improvements, and maintaining day-to-day services. Nexus has that financial expertise, with access to non-traditional sources of capital, and the ability to unlock the equity value of existing capital assets.

We’re Customer Experience Focused

Customers should never have to worry about their utility services. We ensure that’s the case, by proactively delivering a comprehensive set of services.

  • Customer billing, payment, and collections services
  • 24/7 Call Center services
  • Online account services
  • Informational and communications services
  • Emergency response services

We Care Deeply About Health, Safety, and the Environment

The protection and enhancement of the health, safety, and environment of the communities where we live and work is deeply engrained in our culture.

  • We continually inform and train our personnel in safety, health, and environmental protocols.

  • We proactively test for and treat pathogens and contaminants.

  • We apply technologies to meet and exceed the strictest health and environmental standards.

  • We strive to use environmentally friendly chemicals in our treatment processes.

  • We take cyber security concerns seriously and have implemented security measures to ensure the safety of our utility systems.

We Have Regulatory Know-How

With regulated water, wastewater, and energy operations in jurisdictions throughout the United States and Canada, we’re naturally experts in all things regulatory. Nexus Water Group companies have the experience, relationships, and resources needed to anticipate and address the most stringent regulatory requirements.

We Embrace Technology

We apply industry-leading technologies to manage our systems, resources, and information. Our seamless integration of these platforms ensures operational efficiency, safety, redundancy, and risk mitigation. And ultimately, quality utility services for customers at fair and reasonable rates.

  • Computerized Maintenance and Management Systems
    Lowers costs and improves customer service
  • Geographic Information Systems
    Helps keep systems running efficiently and reliably, and quickly respond to any issues
  • Asset Management
    Manages maintenance and end-of-life replacement for highest value to customers
  • Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition
    Realtime control and monitoring to lower costs, and enhance safety and security
  • Customer Care and Billing
    Billing and call center support integrated with online customer services

The Case for Private Regulated Water Utilities

Many community utilities are grappling with the complex issues of aging infrastructure, rising operational costs, and increasingly stringent regulatory and environmental requirements.

In fact, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates $472.6 Billion in additional water infrastructure investment will be required over the next 20 years. Managing this scale of investment and risk requires specialized experience and expertise.

Virtually all private and public water utility systems are regulated by government mandate, and regulation touches every aspect of systems design, operation, service delivery, and the setting of consumer rates. Whether public or private, communities always have a voice in the operation of their utilities.

Learn more about the benefits of regulated water companies at the National Association of Water Companies (NAWC) website.

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