Our Mission

Water is the common thread that connects us all. We deliver vital, safe and reliable services which enable our communities to thrive.

Through infrastructure investment and Operational Excellence, we safeguard our natural resources for today and future generations. We’ve got this!

We accomplish our mission through our 4 Core Values of Operational Excellence.

Operational Excellence emphasizes continuous improvement across all aspects of the business and within all processes by creating a culture where all employees are invested in outcomes and empowered to implement change.

Our Core Values

Safety First

  • We prevent unsafe practices through commitment to our STAR mindset, training, resources, and tools.

  • We use our stop work authority to stop work whenever an actual or perceived unsafe condition is recognized.

  • We take personal responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy work environment.

  • We identify and mitigate risks through near miss reporting and hazard assessments.

Employee Success

  • We share our stories and empathize with those around us.

  • We provide a safe and inclusive environment where you can grow, innovate, and contribute to our mission.

  • We pursue ongoing personal and professional improvement through training and certification.

  • We support physical/mental health and wellness.

Customer Care

  • We provide a positive and professional experience to our internal and external customers through our “We’ve Got This” attitude.

  • We actively engage with our communities.
  • We treat customers with respect, dignity and empathy; it is an honor to serve them.

  • We honor our commitment by responding to our customers promptly with solutions to minimize impact to service.

Environmental Stewardship

  • We recognize the important role we play in managing our natural resources and work to ensure sustainability of our communities.

  • We report honestly and strive for full compliance.

  • We invest in infrastructure solutions to protect public health and the environment.

  • We promote water conservation and efficient water use practices.

Partner with Us

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